Cant make me cross

Cant make me cross »

This photo was taken at the Scenic Caves. The bridge that I was standing on was extremely high up and felt very unstable. Even though the bridge wasn't about to collapse it sure did feel like it. This feeling was due to the disrespectful people making the bridge swing when I was attempting to take a photo.

There's nothing like hanging over a bridge that sits a few hundred feet up (or more) with your camera over the edge while someone acts childish and swings the bridge to scare their girlfriend.

I don't recommend crossing this bridge if you're afraid of heights. Thankfully I enjoyed it =) JUST STOP SWINGING THE DAME THING WHEN I'M TRYING TO TAKE MY PHOTO.


Camera:NIKON D70
Exposure: 1/400 sec Aperture: f/8
ISO: Focal Length: 18 mm
Flash: Not Fired

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