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Yesterday night my friend and I were out looking for night shots. While the night was slow we got a few nice photos. This location was found by accident. We wanted to turn around but the roads were so narrow that we needed to pull into this driveway to do so. After pulling into the driveway we found ourselves intrigued and decided to stop and take a few photos.

There was something eerie about this place. When I walked passed the gates I felt a chill run down my spine. I've been in cemeteries at night and they didn't bother me, but this place did. I spent sometime alone on the driveway taking photos (beyond the gate) and it always felt like someone was watching. The driveway was so dark that I needed a flashlight just to see a few feet around me. We traded spots and I continued to take photos outside of the gate.

To my surprise my friend started yelling at me. "Sean something is coming our way" Now here I am with my tripod and my camera out thinking where in gods name am I going? I ran to the road and my friend flew into the car and backed out.

A minivan pulls out of the driveway and the driver starts to glare at us asking us why we were there. We were informed that our presents was setting off the gate alarm so the driver waited for us to leave the premises.

Since there were no signs around about trespassing we didn't think anyone would mind us taking a few harmless photos. Next time I'll listen to my gut and just take a few photos and run, instead of sticking around.


Camera:NIKON D70
Exposure: 8 sec Aperture: f/4
ISO: Focal Length: 18 mm
Flash: Not Fired

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