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Tonight/Today I pulled another all night photo session with my close friend. Actually I still haven't gone to sleep yet. The silly things you do when your young =) As I get the phone call asking where I am at 10am =)

We walked around city but some of the really interesting shots are long exposure from the Leslie Spit. There is a funny story behind this lighthouse when Michael and I were walking to the lighthouse the bridge that joins the two sections of land was open =/ We had to walk around and find another route =) (Thanks to google maps before going...) On our way back at 6:30am we ran into two Coyotes that were stareing us down... it looked like we had a fight on our hands so we pulled out the tripods for safety and moved forward. Luckily two big guys with toys scared them away.

I'll be posting more photos this week... I really enjoyed this night, even though my legs feel numb from walking.

Here is another interesting photo of a few girls having fun in the water... downtown.. Toronto.


Camera:NIKON D70
Exposure: 51.1 sec Aperture: f/5.6
ISO: Focal Length: 34 mm
Flash: Not Fired

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