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Well everyone I've taken my camera in for a cleaning. It only had two dust spots but it was still bothering me =) It's a new camera why not baby it for now. Since I won't have the camera back till Thursday I was looking at the hundreds of photos I have on my computer.

The photo I posted today I wanted to post a few days back but there was something missing. Hopefully the selective color adds to the photo =) This scene seemed fitting because of the boiling hot weather we have been having.

Take something off and jump into the water =)

Comment Response:
I would love to do it myself but my house is fairly dusty especially my room with several computers. Another thing is I'm worried about scratching the CCD or damaging it in some way... It doesn't take me long to drive to Nikon Canada to get it done. Just wasn't impressed...


Camera:NIKON D70
Exposure: 1/40 sec Aperture: f/8
ISO: Focal Length: 25 mm
Flash: Not Fired

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